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Innerwork to heal and to empower oneself

Alex Lovejoy Blends Body Psychology with inner journeys and energy work. All of these practices are supportive and natural ways to create positive, permanent change in your life.
Contact me to find out how you can create positive, permanent change for yourself now.

Brain Balancing & Trauma Clearing
BIT benefits those with memory issues, reading difficulties, head injuries, PTSD and Fight or Flight issues.






My Services

My Contact Info

Free 20 minute phone consultation.

Just call/text Alex Lovejoy at 303-808-6075 to schedule.

A recent client texted me.

"Thank You. That was amazing!"

She  had a profound inner shift that allowed her to resolve an issue affecting her health and her business.

She "felt deep peace" after our session. 

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February's Class

2016 Major Astrological Influences for you in this year!

Leap into this New Year with Insight and greater Clarity for the road ahead.
William Metzgar an Evolutionary Astrologer will lead the discussion.

Alex Lovejoy MA, QHHT will guide us on an Inner Journey Meditation to align with our highest potential in this New Year! Crystal Bowls and Gong Sound Bath.


February 6th Sat. from 2:00-5:30pm



After a client discovered our inner work together had transformed her life she texted me this... "Overjoyed-
Best Day ever!  Praise God!
Thank you Alex for all your help!"
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