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Testimonials are found throughout Alex Lovejoy's website.  

 I am amazed at the healing results I received from only one session with Alex. The pain in my back has been getting progressively worse over the last 11 years. With your help that pain is nearly gone along with the fear of a permanent's inability to walk. Again I thank you for all your help, Bud Scott

Since working with Alex using the BIT, Anthony is able to reign in his emotions, deciding to leave the situation and not engage.  Now he logically reasons and can see that the principal and teachers  do not like being screamed at. Working with Alex has changed Anthony’s life dramatically. We sat in on every session Anthony had. Not only did she make it fun for him, but it was easy to tell she cares for him. She established a good relationship with him from day one and kept building on it.   Having been a real doubter of this process, seemed “way out there”, living with the wonderful results makes it something we encourage everyone to give a try.  WOW, a year ago, we were struggling with a teenage son who did not think life was worth living to a kid that can’t wait to live life!

Updates on Emma the Dog.


  Greetings from Columbia, MO~ I cannot begin to tell you what a shift. I'd say she was about 80-85%OK today-- She traveled drug medication free the entire time, not much whining, crying or barking. We were in the car today for over 11 hours--a long haul. Emma was a little anxious here and there --not much! Amazing. She actually slept a lot of the time or was silent.
Thank you, Thank you,
​Greetings from Atlanta~
Emma was beyond incredible today. 11/12 hours in the car and not one peep, whimper, bark, whine from her. She even decided to come sit in my lap. I am stunned at the transformation over the past two days. This opens up an entirely new world for her and for me!
​Once again, a thousand thanks,
Sabin & Emma

Reconnection Testimonials from People and Pets

    I was involved in an ATV accident. I had two herniated discs that were putting pressure on my spinal cord. 
     For the first couple of sessions Alex worked with The Reconnection as well as used Brain-Integration therapy, both of which were great experiences.
     I was truly ready to heal my neck and went to see Alex for another Reconnection session.  A truly life altering change occurred. I could feel the energy tingling through my body, focused primarily in my neck, and I knew that something amazing was happening. For the first time in a year and a half, I had my full range of motion back in my neck without any pain. I experienced an instantaneous healing of my neck during that session. It was an incredible experience and I am forever grateful to Alex for helping me to finally heal.  

A week afterwards I had another MRI and X-ray taken. The herniated discs, while still present, had receded from putting pressure on my spinal cord and were now just “kissing” it.  The scan showed amazing results that he could not deny.

   Having personally experienced such an incredible healing myself has profoundly changed my life and given me the insight that we can all heal ourselves. We can start by simply just believing in the possibility.

Testimonial: Jillian P.

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